Why do we need to organize? (Tent City // Woodstock Revival Goes West)

2007.12.29 - 1:09 PM

To help me understand what I am trying to do, I must ask myself what is it I am trying to prove?

I need to ask this of myself to try to define for the grant(s) I need to get the Tent City // Woodstock Revival Goes West event going and to help people like me here in Bremerton, Washington. I would like more job training for myself and for others.

For me is the chance for getting ready for my Journeyman's Electrical Licenses, so there are costs such as test fees and book costs. The tests are open book tests but you MUST supply the correct books, the NEC (National Electrical Code) and the State of Washington's Electrical Code books. I would also like more computer and fiber optics training. Such training for homeless people and marginal people should be ready available and easy to find, but it is not. State agencies are not supply such information to me and others readily.

This is cost me a lot of time that is only going to cost someone else the same pain and aggravation that I am going through, and there is no need for that.

I would like to set up an office for people like me can get training there, plus the everyday things needed like showers and a kitchen, rooms for the needed.

As far as the Tent City // Woodstock Revival Goes West this is an event that wants to call to not only the ills of homelessness, but how we ALL have strived to overcome our issues via public demonstrations (Zoe's and Rose's activistism), and others' This event is to show not only our Nations, that homelessness is NOT a boarder issue but it is a problem without boarders an is an issue for the very civil rights for ALL Humans.

This is the MOST PERFECT time to do so with the housing foreclosures due to unaffordable, jacked up high prices housing,
the United States election year where heath issues are paramount.




rose on 2007.12.29

The cost of any education is how the government keeps all of us impoverished. I think its a part of murphy;s law that states that a certain amount of people need to be kepted in poverished so that the rich will get richer on our sweat because when you keep a a person in need for adquate housing,food and other medicines then they will work for nothing more then the bare essential. I see education as a tool that does help us work our way out of poverty while we help dozens through our efforts. But there are times that our efforts seem in vain/ useless and down right over whelming when we feel we nothing to pay for a simple thung like a text book whuch if we had it we would be able to pay for ten fold with a simple electrician's ticket. So one book equals one ticket euals one less person on the streets and on public assistance/ Hmmm

eimeeshanei on 2014.02.23

Organizing is really good. People need to be one to get themselves together. - Nationwide Relocation Services

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