WARNINGS: Profiles of (Sex) Predators & Ways of Manipulating/Lying

2009.11.07 - 10:25 PM

I keep hearing or running into situations where someone is being abused or sexually exploited as well as experiencing it myself...so since this is, I'd say, the most common and damaging problem of dealing with the dopeworld I wanted to bring awareness and insight to STOP the creation of any more victims.

How to tell scumbags are lying/manipulating, total perfect fit examples and descriptions of predators and how they operate and more. I don't want to see anyone else get hurt or raped or attacked or abused or in any other way become a victim...oh, and if you want to laugh at me about this and say you know all this so it won't happen, well obviously the scumbags cons and tricks work, otherwise WHY are SO MANY countless, endless people taken advantage of or raped and the tragedies keep happening? DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!


"By the time a girl has reached her teens, she has gone from being an occasional sexual predatory prize to the leading sexual predatory prize"...






5) LOAN-SHARKING - easy one, a person does a "favor" then when asks for something you may feel guilty to oblige - that could set you up to be raped/robbed etc. Put it in context if this is the case: HE came up to YOU and asked YOU if you needed help and OFFERED.

6) THE UNSOLICITED PROMISE - if a person is trying to convince you he'll add an "I promise" almost as an afterthought or along with the other lies he's told because he senses you don't quite believe him. Don't trust "I promise" especially when it is from someone you don't know well...WHY does he need to make so much of an effort to convince you?

7) DISCOUNTING THE WORD "NO" - this is the most telling. If you have to keep saying "no I don't want to" etc, because the person keeps asking/offering etc, it is a sure sign of him wanting to control you. Ignoring the word "no" is a sign the man disrespects your boundaries so disrespects you and is selfish, just wants what he wants, not what you want to happen. NEVER BACK DOWN ON THE WORD NO. No means no. Any person who is healthy and rspects your rights will leave your "no" at "no" and not pressure you further. If someone doesn't, they definitely have the problem and most likely has sinister intent to use you.

(I also apply this information to MYSELF to see where I am being abusive/controlling, gotta understand it in myself before I can truly see it in others/try to help).



If you feel like something is off, it probably is. "It may not be exactly what your imagination is suggesting, but we don't experience knots for no reason," says Brenda Della Casa, author of "Cinderella Was a Liar: The Real Reason You Can't Find (or Keep) a Prince." Most women know they're being lied to long before they actually admit it, but they don't immediately act on their intuition. "Women tolerate a lot of excuses," says comedian Steve Harvey, author of "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." "A guy that always has an excuse or lie as to why it didn't happen, why it couldn't happen, why it won't happen, is no good."

"Generally, liars mess up and change a detail in their story," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a New York City-based clinical sexologist. Ask yourself: "Does this really make sense?" says Robert Feldman, author of "The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships." "Look beyond what he's saying and try to be an objective observer of his behavior."

Guys who lie either tend to give too much information or keep very quiet -- be cautious of both. "You know your guy and you know when he's not acting like himself. If your guy is chatty and suddenly he's not, something's up. If your guy is very quiet and suddenly he's giving you too many details, something's up," says Jenny Lee, coauthor of "Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid."

4. He refuses to get personal.
Most people who are comfortable in a relationship are open to sharing details of their lives. If a guy is unusually distant and keeps almost everything about himself secret, he's probably holding something back. "Don't be fooled by a guy who says 'that's too deep; I don't want to discuss that.' Good guys will appreciate the depth of your questions; liars will run from them," says Harvey.

5. He starts covering his tracks.
If your guy is constantly deleting his browser history or shutting down his email, or if there are numerous occasions where it's impossible to reach him, you might want to get out of there -- fast. "If you're with a guy who carries two cell phones, but one of them never rings, or if he only pays in cash or immediately heads for the shower when he gets home, those are all major red flags," says Nancy Dreyfus, author of "Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love: Relationship Repair in a Flash."

6. He's super defensive.
"If you find that he pauses a lot when responding to your questions, becomes overly fidgety and defensive, or can't look you in the eye, be suspicious that he might not be telling you the truth," says Kerner.

7. He repeats his story.
"Men tend to say the truth just once," says Howard J. Morris, coauthor of "Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid." "It's the truth, after all. It doesn't need to be repeated three times."

8. He constantly blames you.
Although it's natural for a guy to be a little testy when interrogated, if you notice that he's always shifting the blame so that you look like the guilty party, question his motives. "If every concern you have gets twisted around and thrown back at you, he's pulling a classic guilty-man move. Keeping you on the defensive keeps him out of trouble," says Della Casa.

9. He has an answer for everything.
Watch out for excuses that are very buttoned up, a little too perfect, and rehearsed. "If you find yourself making sense of something that doesn't make sense or making exceptions, stop yourself," says Dreyfus.

10. He makes the lies seem like no big deal.
Liars have an advantage because what they say is what we want to hear, and they know it. Even if he's feeding you little lies that make you feel good about yourself, remember that they are lies. "It's hard to constantly be thinking, Is this the truth, is this not the truth? Even if it seems innocent enough, someone who lies about little things is going to lie about big things," says Feldman. "If you do stay in the relationship, rebuild trust slowly and be clear that if he lies again, it's over."

EXAMPLES OF PREDATORS TO AVOID - SICK SICK TWISTED BEHAVIOUR RARELY REDEEMED FROM...when it is sexual in nature it is extremely hard to "root out" and correct, and it is the most damaging and traumatizing, dehumanizing abuse, BOTH to victims and victimizers who may choose to change their ways. Gotta face what they became, how perverted and pathetic. And demonic-ally evil. The most evil of deviations...


PLEASE use this for INFORMATION AND EDUCATION purposes ONLY and take as a warning. However enraging these facts are, please note that physical violence will NOT discourage predators from their evil sick ways (unless it's life-threatening perhaps), they will simply feel they are being "Martyered" and think they are that much more “justified” in what they are doing and that they are being “victimized” or “persecuted” because in their own twisted screwed up heads they think of themselves as “nice guys” and that what they are doing is in some sick way, “good” (way to deny how bad they really are, example, one predator I know of uses the delusion he wants to be a “father figure” and “protect” all of these young vulnerable girls he comes in contact with on the streets, when of course in reality it is people exactly like HIM that these girls need protection FROM-that’s how the perverted “logic” works).

Here’s an experience to illustrate how a predator’s mind works: I was walking with a friend and a group of “tweenagers” , younger kids, passed by and one of them knew the person I was with. So this person first asked my friend if he had any weed, then started telling in a braggart, flippant like fashion how she was red zoned from a place because apparently she assaulted someone, then we went on our way. It’s not like she was ugly either.

So I made the comment later: ‘(Name of predator) would just Love to get her alone, because IF she was talking to HIM (or he even heard this conversation or heard about her), then he would totally target her as she just gave him all the info he needs to manipulate and prey on her.’ 1) asking for dope right away = she has been introduced to, and is obviously interested and willing to do drugs and doing them, and who know what else she will experiment with? 2) She said how she was “red zoned” and the attitude was of contempt and disrespect ("like whatever") I could tell by tone of voice, to the law and authority, 3) obviously she is in trouble with the Law, so a deviant and rebellious, for some reason, so there are other problems going on if she is getting into that serious of trouble (assault). She is well on her way IT SEEMS to worse things, now with drugs, problems with Police. So she is troubled, so predators zero in on this and undermine the person’s sense of self worth and self-doubts even more-since so many kids these days act like they have something “to prove” cuz of all these stupid unrealistic expectations society puts on them, and they put on themselves...QUESTION the stereotypical "roles" society thinks what a "real man" or "woman" acts like, and step out of those roles, they are very destructive. Oh, and the prime requirement of this girl,
4) looked to be 15-17, young = less experience and understanding of how life operates so easy to exploit this, and she was in nice clothes, like lots of teenagers, very concerned about her appearance and “image”.

Really, it all boils down to, whatever the age, EVERYONE getting OUT of denial and ACKNOWLEDGING disgusting vile people like this exist, and they don't look like monsters, they can look like gorgeous supermodels (see descriptions below). Ted Bundy killed 20 or more girls, luring them by his looks, stature, and persona, not a gun to the head, like some ugly person, and he was considered good looking and articulate, intelligent, and "charming". That doesn't mean he was some "great guy". But the denial is so strong that his looks and smooth speech even affected his court sentence, he got a LESSER punishment because of how he looked/sounded! Society needs to ACCEPT there are people who will, YES, will do THAT BAD and HEINOUS of these crimes. YES they DO EXIST! So WHY is it we give credit to people that equates "oh s/he is good looking so must be a good person". This is a real sickness in society...so focused on how good looking or nice body someone has doesn't see the WHOLE person. Too many emotions get in the way, feel all "star struck" or whatever BS happens. This is especially a huge problem for young people, boys, who equate "being a man" with violence, "getting laid" (sex), and big muscles ("macho men") = power and control. Then girls, who think they need to be thin, pretty, and, ya, getting lots of sex, getting sexual attention, and "compliant", false loyalties "stand by your man, I can change him" unrealistic thinking, this they think is what being a "woman" or "good wife/lover" etc is all about. NO! It is dysfunctional and causes nothing but damage and misery in people's lives. It is a FALSE FRONT and DOESN'T WORK. Not a product of healthy thinking. It is the media's fantasy and unrealistic portrayals of "perfect people"...looking anyways.


Good books explaining this more: “The Gift of Fear, Survival Signals That Protect us From Violence” and, "Protecting the Gift, Keeping Teenagers and Children Safe (and Parents Sane), both by Gavin De Becker, great part detailing the methods a predator uses to manipulate, and therefore, control, the victim. You gotta be able to know what to look for before you can recognize the danger, right. Lots of others in library.

Thank you for your time and effort put into this.

> Other Information good to know: IF you have a person's legal name, you can go to the 1st floor of the Victoria Law Court House and look up the person's criminal record on the computer or the court clerk can provide extensive information on trial dates, charges etc, this is good for a girl's protection so she knows if a dangerous male is in jail or not and what he is charged with ie: how bad a liar/criminal/psycho he is.

COMMON DENOMINATORS OF THESE PREDATORY MALES - Please note the patterns and parallels of all of these individuals I describe, then you can spot the behaviour that will act as warning signs..I'm sorry to say, they really ARE all the same. ALL BEHAVIOUR HAS MEANING - and there are REASONS WHY these males engage in these types of behaviours as opposed to healthier alternatives (NOTE: I use men as examples because in fact, males are more violent and at risk to commit sexual offenses (to adults and children) much more than females would be, it is sad, but true. Hence why I focus on the segment of the population that is a much greater risk to EVERYONE).
HABITS: all smoke cigarettes, are addicted to one or more than one (illegal) substance (because they can't live with themselves for causing so many people so much pain), well known and established criminals known to Police, are violent, are entrenched in the street life.

DEVIANT QUALITIES: extremely controlling through physical size, violence, threats, drugs, manipulations, whatever works, because their lives are so out of control. At odds with family (for good reason), extremely selfish-all about THEIR pleasure and trample others rights to get it, watch or read pornography constantly, are emotional and physical abusers, manipulators and commonly use threats and violence to "get their way" if manipulation doesn’t work, disregard (women's) boundaries and ignore the word "no", and are extremely insecure and self esteem is crippled so if rejected will get enraged. All have very violent tempers and anger issues and are easily angered over ridiculous things and especially when confronted on their wrong acts. All are pathological liars and thieves and con-artists. See women as objects to use for sex put pressure to become involved in high risk sexual behaviour with multiple partners-get it where, when they can as much as they can. Take advantage of "dope sick" or especially vulnerable girls and use drugs to control them, or take advantage of younger girls since they are not familiar with how dangerous these predators are and don’t know their games, or don’t know who they are and what their reputations are = hate women and damage them by violating them sexually, feel resentful cannot have a healthy relationship with a decent woman, so just reduce them to objects "this is the best I'm gonna get" mentality. Go after younger and younger girls because older girls with more experience can see through their cons and word spreads. Additionally, all of these males are in an incredible state of denial and use copious amounts of drugs to stay that way and deaden their conscience, what little there is left. They are all severe addicts out of touch with reality. In the severest forms of denial, still think, and their dopey friends stick up for them because they are in the same situation, they are "nice guys" (IF they were, they would not be on the streets so severely addicted to drugs and committing crimes etc - what makes them so dangerous is they will NOT admit to the severity or nature of their wrongs, instead blaming the person they are victimizing or anything and everything else (ie: excuses, rationalize, justify, minimize), and complaining how they are always "the victim." They concentrate on how others have "wronged" them yet not acknowledge that it is an in-avoidable consequence of their lying, thieving, conniving ways, they make themselves victims and do so much harm to others yet twist it so they make it look like they are the ones being harmed or victimized. They are extremely vindictive (for no good reason) and potentially violent. They play on people's pity, manipulating to try to gain sympathy for their "plight" by false obligation and guilt feelings. Called "victim blaming-not taking responsibility for their actions. They are all power and control freaks in one way or another, the objective is to control or dominate another and oppress them-most notably women. Total bullies and creeps. ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE ICREDIBLY INSECURE AND HAVE INFLATED EGOS AND OVERBLOWN FALSE SENSE OF PRIDE TO COMPENSATE. EXTREMELY NARCASSISTIC STUCK AT DEVELOPMENTAL AGE OF 2 YEARS OLD!! NEED TO GROW UP!


DESCRIPTION: white male, AGE: 39 looks younger as in good shape.
HEIGHT/WT: 6'1 and 190-200lbs or so, big football player build, muscular, wears tight clothes or muscle shirts as much as he can to show off his body-incredibly Arrogant and vain. Considered "good looking", popular with girls because called "a good lay" (and always has dope)- uses this to take advantage of girls.
FACIAL: brown eyes, youthful looking face. Nice teeth. Usually clean shaven. Black hair shaved in weird designs (like a little patch on the top of head or tuft on front, or gelled into mohawk usually, fair amount of body hair. Teeth in good condition. Peircings in one ear at least. Tattoos of scorpion, designs on biceps/shoulders/upper arms.
STYLE: Preoccupied with “looking good”. Well groomed wants to "look his best" for all the school aged young girls he takes advantage of-makes it easier, right? Dresses "thuggish" or "gangsta" in patterned hoodies (stolen) and track pants/jeans. Has a black ski type jacket currently and “skater” style backpack. Usually wears flip flop type sandals unless really cold. Has nice clothes, lots of thick silver necklaces and rings and gear as usually stolen/traded for dope (to look like some "big timer").

DETS: Always has a different cel phone (usually nice) and changes his number all the time, always has an MP3 player and his music going. Usually more quiet and reserved (at least to look that way to fool you), soft spoken, almost mumbles.
Drug addict and dealer: crystal meth possible cocaine. Always walking. Apparently searched for handguns at times.

WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: Really good at hiding what he is and evil intents, many people are fooled. Of course, many people don’t realize how dangerous he is, cuz they are not girls who he picks to victimize, or they are “good buddies” with him or are simply, MALE, or even predators who do the same themselves, so don’t see it or refuse to see it and worse, "back him up" and don't believe he IS a predator. Girls and others fear for safety because of his violent nature and physical size and strength so no one says anything to warn others and he gets away with it-controls by fear. His colossial anger issues and "screwed up" headspace makes him very dangerous. Extremely vengeful, vendictive and jealous-wants to "make ém PAY" even when totally unjustified-just a bully on a power trip pushing people around. Very unpredictable, wild mood swings, especially when high.
Extremely volatile and labile emotions with very violent temper - explodes over minor things even, with getting in persons face, intimidating, threatening, verbal abuse, insults, and physical abuse ('You should stay away from him, he's really screwed up). Zero tolerance for rejection flips out in a rage the most.
ÉXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO YOUNG GIRLS/WOMEN as has Feelings of superiority over women and entitlement-"no one says no to me, all women have to want ME cuz I'm muscular and tall and good looking" attitude – doesn’t respect women's boundaries at all-forces, pressures, intimidates, gets angry. Forces no into a yes...or else... At first very charming,"generous", sociable, giving out cigarettes etc gaining favor with people so he can get away with what he does and everyone is fooled into thinking he is some "nice guy" when totally not. Likes sharing his dope especially, uses it as way to control a girl, a “debt” to be paid for by sex of course, and as excuse to get a girl alone ("lets go smoke a bowl") then his whole persona changes and becomes aggressive and very intimidating-how many girls have given into sex with him who were too scared to say no? Just screws as many girls as he can get away with toeing the line of rape? and dumps them and doesn’t talk to them again.
STATUTORY RAPIST apparently. Acts like the pure definition of a “goof”. Been described as a sexual predator, pedophile even. Takes advantage of vulnerable girls/prostitutes, especially focuses on YOUNGER ones (his excuse he wants to be ä “father figure" - called INCEST! Or wants to “protect” girls-complete lies has NO good intentions at all). Apparently got a 16 year old girl pregnant. "I've heard things about that guy. EDITED OUT with little (14 year old) girls in the bushes"...‘I’m sick of hearing about that predator goof going after all these young girls luring them in by his dope and dick, is it true?’ Response: “I’ve heard all about(it)”. Heavily involved with porno magazines etc totally obsessed with sex very weird sexual tendancies/beliefs.

PATTERNS OF MANIPULATION: Tries manipulating by showing up places girl who is targeted frequents wearing all the "bling" nice jewelry/clothes/gear, using tight clothes to use his body/looks to lure her in ('I dont like how he is always walking around flexing his muscles all the time...total red flags all over the place'. Does "favors" for girls but always expects something in return, usually sexual favors. Wants to play "hero" and bullies and beats people up a lot more just as a power and control trip-just a total bully picks on people weaker, smaller than him - uses fear, intimidation and violence or threat of to get his way -his favorite. Uses threats like "ill beat up ur boyfriend or get whoever after you if u tell..."

CHARGES: assault, uttering threats, break and enter, PSP, drug trafficking, breech probation

LOCATIONS: Hangs around Mustard Seed, downtown, "Our Place" on Pandora Ave to set up drug deals, Galloping Goose trail, Bay st/Gorge/Burnside/Tillicum Rd area, and possibly stays out in Langford.

DESCRIPTION: very white male, AGE: early 40's
HEIGHT/WT: 6"4 or so, over 200lbs. Long arms/legs, on skinnier side but still lean muscle. No remarkable tattoos.
FACIAL: shaved head, looks like a member of the klu klux klan and just as evil/violent, clean shaven, minimal hair, no noticable tattoos, silver necklace, deeper voice.
STYLE: everyday clothes, t shirt and jeans, hoodies, silver necklace at times. Sometimes wears really nice clothes (grey Arc'tryx jacket etc)
DETS: His dad lives in trailer park in Langford Spencer St and is the manager apparently. Dimitri has MS apparently so walks with a cane-or is pulling a “pity play”. Usually walks. Severe crystal meth addict. Was security at Öur Place and then fired apparently for misconduct...

WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: His size to back up his actions and force a person into compromising-Sex predator, absolute rapist, out of control, very violent, threatening, and intimidating. “Nice guy” on surface (they all are) then gets girl alone and whole demeanour changes, if girl says no to sex he forces it-total rapist. Forces no into a yes...or else....., Apparently participated in lacing a crack pipe to get a girl unconscious and she was sexually assaulted.
Apparently raped a girl right before going into rehab October 2008 or so and beat another girl severely. Frequents with prostitutes, takes advantage of who he can. Very violent and threatening to have power/control. Complete bully, intimidates by fear to silence girls-similar pattern to (NAME EDITED OUT and they are "good friends" it was said.

LOCATIONS: Mustard Seed in morning at times, downtown, Our Place on Pandora st. On galloping Goose/Rock Bay area at times. Apparently Best friends with (EDITED)-go figure. Has not been seen around much lately.

DESCRIPTION: white male, AGE: early 40's looks older.
HEIGHT/WT: 5"8 or so and 170lbs, broad shoulders, muscular but now emanciated, rugby player stocky build, fair amount of body hair,
FACIAL: Eyes: Hazel, full scruffy brown beard with streaks of red and grey in it, dark brown hair, usually cut short, worn haggard face (wrinkles). Missing eye tooth teeth in not great condition. No peircings or very noticable tattoos.
STYLE: Hunting jacket with graphics leaves branches with hood up and jeans/camoflauge-usually sloppy clothes or hoodies.
DETS: Looks like “a total scrub” as one person described it, or fairly well groomed at times. Minimal jewelryHands always greasy from working on stolen bikes. Dumpster diver, collects cans, now shifting to dial
> for dope drug dealer (cel phone 888-8886) crystal meth and
cocaine. Addicted to meth, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol. WAS living with another drug dealer (EDITED OUT) at 612 Constance Ave (now evicted). (EDITED OUT) is downtown more often.
Apparently sold painted black BMX and full suspension mountain bike and is walking.
... an INFORMANT for the Victoria Police - a "rat" thats why the cops dont bring charges against him and he gets away with it.
CHARGES: PSP, breech probation

WHAT MAKES HIM DANGEROUS: Total RAPIST and STATUTORY RAPIST-another true GOOF. Uses GHB and has drugged and/or Raped MULTIPLE girls and even drugged guys... 'Sticks needles in them when they're unconscious'... Puts GHB in beer, POSSIBLY laces pipes etc. invites girls or guys to live with him then steals off them (personal belongings like ID etc). Takes advantage of vulnerable, desperate, dopesick girls, a complete sexual predator GOOF, "goes for girls who are new and don’t know him, or so high on drugs they dont know what they are doing" ... “Likes the young ones” -takes advantage of young girls using dope and "manipulation" and "coercion" and "wears girl down" and doesn’t take no for an answer, feelings of entitlement, and tricks girl into giving in-forces no into a yes...or else..., when he's on top of her and its too late usually girl gives in due to fear more than anything. Destroys property and threatens when girl tries to get him away from her-Zero tolerance for rejection
flips out in a rage the most. Extreme anger problems, volatile. Avoids people he wronged, but violent when confronted on his lying conniving ways and uses weapons especially when fears he will be exposed/truth will come out.. Heavily involved with porno magazines etc totally obsessed with sex very weird sexual tendancies/beliefs. Heavily involved with prostitutes buys them their dope trade for sex etc. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO WOMEN.

PATTERNS OF MANIPULATION: “The massage that’s his favorite” (prelude to get girl to feel comfortable with him and let her guard down-acts all open and sincere plays on girls emotions. Again, lots of flattery,compliments etc. Acts so "generous" and “nice” and "mild mannered" bribes with drugs or gifts, "buying off" people, especially when they are really mad at him or suspicious (‘whenever I saw him he always had a gift for me’ – person who had a problem with him) – whatever it takes - or gets girl to feel sorry for him with "tales of woe" – always makes himself the victim and the other person the “bad” person-when he is the total victimizer! Plays on pity and guilt feelings gets girl to isolated spot then puts on pressure till girl gives in due to fear etc. His line is "why would I lie to you, I have no reason" as he stares right into your eyes, he’s all wide-eyed-such an act. BS etc. Has rational sounding explaination for Everything (its always someone else's fault, remember?) and stay so calm and convincing, even in the face of the most blatant, obvious lie, just turns it around into something else or blames the other person (ie: "said I might be" back, you heard me wrong" etc) but starts to become easier to see through! Pattern of conning people for a free place to stay, steal from, take advantage of (food etc), and carry on his criminal activities and store his junk-just takes advantage of and uses lonely/vulnerable people - a predator. Many similar patterns to EDITED OUT.

LOCATIONS: Not "hanging around" as much. In town more, StreetLink,, downtown more, goes to Mustard Seed for food, cleans out dumpster Fridays, usually around at night to do dope deals. Was dumpster diving Tillicum Area etc, around Galloping Goose trail especially Gorge/Burnside area, especially after welfare day.

DESCRIPTION: White Male, Scottish descent. AGE: 51 years old (looks older).
HEIGHT/WT: 6’3 and 200 or so lbs. Bigger shoulders, athletic but wasted build but still on skinnier side (a crack addict). Large frame especially
upper body -stands out. Long limbs, large hands, feet.
FACIAL: Eyes Greyish blue, Hair: whitish grey on top to darker grey in back with blond tips–growing it long-thinning especially on forehead. Bushy grey eyebrows. Clean shaven, can see age in face a lot-wrinkles. Teeth in fairly good shape, none noticeably cracked or missing. No piercings or tattoos, minimal jewelry. Wood rosary beads and cross necklace, small boxlink silver chain.
STYLE: Always has nicer type clothes and gear from shoplifting and crack sales. Sweaters, jeans or kakis casual style not total flashy, always wears a toque, black windbreaker type jacket, workboots etc
DETS: Mid tone to lower voice "soothing" very calm mild
> disposition - even when under pressure/lying (what makes him
> so good at it). Usually riding a yellow Gary Fisher Mountain bike and
> pulling a big clunky black trailer made from back of a fridge or smaller kids trailer and "dumpster dives" for cans and batteries etc and steals bottles from Rock Bay industrial area Metro Recycle. Shoplifts and steals all the time. Always smoking crack and weed. Alcoholic, severe crack cocaine addict, possible perscription pill addiction, Deals cocaine and perscription pills (dial for dope). Possible INFORMANT or "RAT" for Police -apparently was going to be a former cop - never seems to get charged or minor despite the many assaults/threats/theft/criminal activities he carries on.
CHARGES: PSP, breech probation, uttering death threats,restraining orders places against him.

WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: Lies directly about being tested and clean for STDs and has unprotected sex with multiple women-says condoms ruin the sensation-extremely selfish. Makes sure woman is exposed to his body
> fluid/pre-cum and convinces how it's not a risk because he lies and says how he was a registered nurse - eerily reassuring, so calm and matter of fact about it-lies of course. Puts a person falsely at ease. "Hates women" as one person put it. Has sex with multiple women/prostitues at same time putting everyone at risk. Talks constantly about how he always got the girls coming onto him, was so good looking back in the day, big muscles and "size 13 shoes" glorifying "sexual prowess" BS-incredibly vain and ego tripping. Plays off girls one on another and feeds jealousy, fakes as if he "likes" girl so much, as if she is so "special" to him-NOT. Will make up constant stories how he is so "decent" to women and doesn’t come onto them-lies of course. Won’t come onto them right away, moves slow as he has to but the objective still the same to get whatever selfish thing he can.
Violent, has attacked a girl, urinated on another during a drunken argument, had to be tasered by police as was in a drug induced psychosis, has restraining orders against him. Another bully, will use physical violence and threats to “get his way.” Drugs put him severely and dangerously out of touch with reality-unpredictable and erratic behaviour at times. Especially violent and threatening when exposed and truth comes out.

PATTERNS OF MANIPULATION: Acts like this do gooder and "peacemaker", breaking up fights etc, tells these "heroic" tales where he always looks good or he is "the victim" etc when really just trying to look/sound good and “play hero” always stories to make him look good or the “victim” when really he is a victimizing sleazebag-to mislead you... At first very charming,"generous", sociable, giving out cigarettes etc gaining favor with people so he can get away with what he does and everyone is fooled into thinking he is some "nice guy" when totally not. What makes him most
> dangerous-he’s an “old pro” – so adept at what he does to lie etc lots of practice. He is more patient than most instant gratification mentality addicts and will patiently wait to gain opportunities to steal from, con a person etc, especially when he knows if he "waits it out" he will get what he wants, and will do everything a girl or guy expects/follow through on majority of commitments to keep the person convinced of his lies and thinking he is "a good guy" - only a matter of time before it all unravels-mixes so much truth in his lies that it is so hard to tell the difference. Makes the truth and the lies go together into a seamless fit. Pathological liar, so calm and show no body language signs of lying and very good at it so extremely hard to tell the truth from the lie with him-he can look you right in the face and show no signs of guilt (breaks eye contact is only way-even that is subtle). Goes to great lengths to "prove" his innocent (ie: looked up criminal record for person, accuses/focuses on others of being predators and "streetslime" while he is so üncorrupted", where most others would crack under the pressure and show more obvious signs of deception and holes in their stories Ian knows how to fill those holes in quite well and have a rational sounding explaination for Everything (its always someone else's fault, remember?) and stay so calm and convincing, even in the face of the most blatant, obvious lie, just turns it around into something else! A very good liar takes more time to see through his cons than many others-has manipulated and taken advantage of many many people, mostly girls of course-to get them ön his side and plays the victim. Pattern of conning people for a free place to stay, steal from, take advantage of (food etc), and carry on his criminal activities and store his junk-just takes advantage of and uses lonely people - a predator.
ACCUSED OF CHILD MOLESTATION. Enjoys company of little children "too much" it seems-excessive attention. Odd sexual tendencies. STATUTORY RAPIST: Apparently was "loading them up with drugs and sending them out"pimping out and slept with 2 16 year old prostitutes after they passed out on drugs or "crashed" when he lived in house on Government st.
Acts all "helpful"and "hospitable" to get the girls guard down and takes advantage. Sucks a person in with his "charming" persona and "helpful" and "compassionate" ways (will listen to people's problems and act all "concerned"), but all for his own self serving ends-usually to get into a girl's pants. "Male whore" as someone said. Pays girls all these compliments - to get in their pants or get what he wants - flattery-fake insincere. Extremely intelligent so a masterful manipulator, quick on his feet thinker, a very good con artist, lots to hide and hides it well, good at making plausible excuses. Rips people off, cons people into letting him borrow money and doesn’t pay it back - will at first to gain trust-set up.
Complete FAKE "Christian"(like Giovanni Borella), Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Talks constantly about "being saved" by God (ya from WHAT??), "Bible thumping" and going to Bible meetings at the Mustard Seed (more just for the free food) total hypocrite and just uses his "Christianity" and Bible quotes as a cover to hide how evil he is
(like one person said 'he talks about Christian beliefs to get you to believe in him, not in the actual belief') and makes a big deal how he goes to AA meetings at Dunedin st off Gorge Rd and hasn't had a drink since
> the 1990's (lies too). Has packed a large hunting knife and has threatened with it. Diagnosed with psychosis/mood disorders, very volatile, anger issues. Very violent and goes into drug induced psychoses.

> LOCATIONS: Staying at Salvation Army shelter currently. Goes to Mustard Seed to "freeload" in morning on donations, gets people to feel sorry for him, gets on people's good sides, knows what to say/do to fool you, very discerning this way, goes to the church services and dinners. Also lunches at "Rainbow Kitchen" St. Saviours Church on Henry St (Vic West), anywhere there's a freebie going on, he's there, especially for meals and coffee. Goes to Burnside Rd. or other McDonalds for Coffee, always has to have coffee/cigarettes, goes to Crystal Pool, at times, has a camp in Beacon Hill Park in direction of Clover Point and lookout hill with flagpole. Many times at View Towers with “friend” he takes advantage of there.


DESCRIPTION: Native, darker tanned tone to skin. Age: early 30's looks younger when not worn on dope.
HEIGHT/WT: 5"10 at least, and 160lbs or so. Skinny with some build, more delicate, feminine type features (minimal body hair etc), skinnier side from dope but fills out when in jail-still on thin side.
FACIAL: Eyes: brown. Usually clean shaven, crew cut dark brown hair, teeth in good condition. Looking really worn and washed out at times. Has ears peirced. Has smaller tattoos of spiders on neck and native symbols on shoulders/upper arms.
STYLE: Well groomed usually in new stolen clothes/gear. Dresses "preppy" or "gangsta" or jeans t shirt or nice softshell jackets etc. Black backpack, always something new.
DETS: Arrogant and vain, big ego to compensate for microscopic self esteem-obsessed with "looking good" to try to hide true disgusting self. Drug dealer, drug addict: heroin, cocaine possibly, alcoholic apparently, very lengthy criminal record and jail terms in Vancouver and Victoria. Usually walks.
CHARGES: PSP, theft, breech probation, assault, aggrevated assault, uttering threats, assault with weapon, drug trafficking

WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: extremely disturbed and cruel behaviour - lack of conscience and no remorse-victim blaming (blaming others and saying how he is always "the victim"). Lies about not having STDs when he does and puts girl at risk, purposefully tries to get girl pregnant (wipes his semen on girl's vagina etc). High risk reckless sexual behaviour, refuses to use condoms. Very angry and potentially life-threateningly violent. Has threatened with weapons. Physical, emotional abuser. When confronted on his lies or asked "too many questions" (liars hate questions), gets angry and threatening to discourage his secrets coming out. Will stop at nothing to get what "he wants" incredibly selfish, sleeps with as many women as he can, frequents with well established prostitutes. Lies, cheats, steals as much as he can get away with. Pathological liar. Trashes places/property when told to leave.

PATTERNS OF MANIPULATION: Will act so "sincere" and "a gentleman" and brag about being so "involved" in recovery and “cleaning up” his life - all a colossal lie to fool you into trusting him. Manipulates and cons his way into vulnerable women's lives and takes advantage of them and uses anyone he can to his advantage, like a parasite, "if you let him in your house, he will rob you blind" as one person put it. Gets angry and threatens if you ask too many questions to get you to "shut up" or says how hard he is having it so makes you feel guilty or "stupid" for asking. Constantly says how he needs help because other people are causing him problems-totally the other way around-sob stories, pity plays etc.
LOCATIONS: Usually hangs at "welfare corner" Pandora/Quadra st outside Social Assistance Office, across street at Our Place or StreetLink shelter if in Victoria dealing drugs and eating at the free food places. Makes a big deal about getting clean and attending NA and AA meetings-has preyed on people there.

DESCRIPTION: white male italian descent. AGE :late 40's.
HEIGHT/WT 5"8 or so, 180 lbs or so medium athletic build
FACIAL: brown eyes, short black hair with grey, clean shaven. No piercings, minimal to no jewelry, fair amount body hair.
STYLE: Dresses all up in spandex etc acts like he's on the "Tour De France" to show off his body-again totally vain. At times in civilian clothes, casual, jeans and a sweater, nothing too fancy
DETS: On welfare doesn’t seem to work. Incredibly arrogant, braggart, huge ego trip, arrogant to max immature jerk acts like a dumb pre puberty teen all laughing and joking and so"flamboyant" center of attention glut talking so loud “preaching” Bible thumping sick to my stomach hypocritical “Christian” ex-Jehovahs Witness-just like EDITED OUT Has frequented with prostitutes. Rides a white trek bike with yellow tape, yellow tires (still I think), says "Trek" in bluish green. Cocaine addict.

WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: Acts so overly friendly and “nice” at first to make a person feel at ease-don’t be! Huge anger issues, gets in person's face who confronts him on his lies and BS or he doesnt get his way-a true spoiled brat with not a hint of maturity...very dysfunctional-real sad. Yells and screams at people perpetually angry, gets up in girls faces intimidating, has verbally threatened to hurt girl physically putting fist up in her face, no control. A true loser. HATES women. Always talking about God and the Bible, knows a lot can talk a lot about Bible and how he’s such a “good” guy-NOT- but cant back it up-uses it as a cover to get people to "believe in him" and hide his true evil intents. Psychopathic Liar, con artist, thief, greedy, selfish freeloader, parasite, leech, just uses people. Again HATES women, emotionally and physically abusive and immature, spoiled brat mentality, feeling of "entitlement". Pays lots of compliments, flattery, charm-false-to get into vulnerable, marginalized girls pants and just use her for sex.

LOCATIONS: Stays at Ritz hotel on Fort st last known, Our Place for free food, rides around town yapping to people his hot air, Rainbow Kitchen St Saviours Church Henry/Catherinest (Vic West) for free lunch.

DESCRIPTION: white male, older 50-60's.
FACIAL: has a white/grey beard/hair, uaually wears a hat so cant see face, looks like an old out of shape man. Casual clothes. Not super rich or anything.
DETS: Services with prostitutes. Drives Ford van with tire on front and reddish/orange stripe and fiberglass top-like a camper, also toyota car silver grey small older tercel

WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: Dirty old man-total pervert tries to grab women, sexual harassment, assault, violent, no respect for women's safety. Stereotypical “dirty old man” on a power trip.

LOCATIONS: hangs at coffee shop in China Town near Street Link and frequents StreetLink and downtown area.

DESCRIPTION: Native dark skinned, black hair, clean shaven, dirty, skinny, pathetic looking. Usually shorter hair cut. AGE: Early 30’s looks younger because shorter, skinnier slight build. Gross tattoos “like I dipped my hand in hell” all over forearm and hand skulls, demonic death designs. Dirty at times stinks doesnt shower for days. Wears donated clothes wrong size or "gangstar"style clothes. Soft low voice. Seems so passive but just a way to fool you while he sneaks your stuff from you and manipulates you.
CHARGES: Aggrevated assault, assault, assaulting a Peace Officer, Uttering Threats, Breech
WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: Alcoholic, like downtown drinking Listerine beer on breath all the time etc-violent drunk, crystal meth addict. Seriously assaulted ex-girlfriend. Harasses, threatens, assaults girls, assaulted Police. Very dysfunctional volatile relationships. Just uses and cons people, will go to any lengths to say/do to sound convincing to get into a person’s house or good side to steal and take advantage of them. Really good at manipulating and playing on person's self doubt, fan their ego, guilt/obligate them by repeating over and over some slight or error or him being accused of something (usually right!) etc. Plays on people's pity/feel sorry for him and says how he is "so hard done by"etc. Begs for money on streets at times, gets beat up all the time for his severe abuse on women.

LOCATIONS: When around town usually goes to Sobering Center Cook st, Mustard Seed dinners at times. On Galloping Goose trail at times. Most likely in jail. Charged with aggravated assault, PSP, assault (hits women) etc

>NAME EDITED OUT(apparently not in town currently but suspect coming back)
> DESCRIPTION: tall skinny lanky crack addict. back molar missing.

> WHAT MAKES HIM SO DANGEROUS: Coms off as friendly, subtle manipulations like taking knife out infront of person to "show"them, saying he is so good at martial arts etc. Another con artist, liar tell you anything to take advantage of you person. Steals from own family. Makes up stories lies he is "trying to get clean"and "ówes people money" who are threatening his family just to get it for dope or other "sob stories" to get person to feel sorry, fake "shame" says how so äfraid will be rejected when person knows he's a user" BS. Works a few days, spends it on crack, alcohol. Knows Lee Marcoux did crack with him. He was last on Galloping Goose trail smoking crack.

NOTES: Many meth/drug addicts are Obsessed totally obsessed with sex and will try to do it as often as they can with whoever they can, even if it means manipulating little young naieve girls, after all, as they see it, all the junkies know their tricks and are infested with STDs and dirty and heres some "fresh meat" which is safer...They read porno constantly, they even have electric vibrating razors to get themselves off even! They entice with drugs as bait, their nice bodies and looks, even if they dont got that, their "promises" of dope and buying "gifts" to buy girls affections as if to show they are so "generous". Show false "affection" give "love and attention and protection" to "look out" for these girls as if they are so "close"and as if they are such great guys and "saviours" and really care about girl's welfare-and to obligate her to them. Most of these slimebuckets target to get hooked on drugs girls 12-16 years old or as young and unaware as they can get 'em!
They are preverted demonic evil scumbags who are just after what they can get on their dick-tell em all what they wanna hear! Or they use threats like "ill beat up ur boyfriend or get whoever after you if u tell...." I wouldnt be surprised, they are always so "nice" when you do everything they want-whether the other person wants to or not! They are all the same... the best manipulator is Ian, but its only a matter of time before these loser predators tactics and reputations become
known and people are warned... afraid the most for the new ones, for the young ones who have a harder time discerning, spotting the warning signs, the red flags, we all gotta be responsible for each others safety and ultimately we gotta take care of our own safety and be responsibe for it and AVOID and stay out of harms way as much as possible. I hope these warnings help-these are really bad people...whatever you do, DONT BELIEVE THEM, and WARN PEOPLE!!


1) Men / Women use sex to manipulate and control and use the opposite sex, the hook. Keep your legs closed don't give your power away. 'Do not give your years to what is cruel or your dignity away. Why should the things you got by pain be in the house of (another)? And then you say, how I have hated dicipline and not accepted correction!" (Proverbs).
2) Of course they are nice in the beginning, thats how they suck you in. Since when did we start equating niceness with goodness? Just because he has a nice body or stuff doesn't mean he is nice!
3) Girls are just as at fault they look at these guys and think "oh he is so good looking I HAVE to have sex with him." So then these slimy guys think all us girls are as easy little sluts when we're not so when we don't "give it up" then we get raped.

1) If you love me you'll have sex with me (manipulation)
2) I just like to cuddle (an excuse to get you into a vulnerable position and sound non threatening - more threatening cuz closer)
3) Lets go smoke a bowl / smoke up / do drugs (a way to bait you to get you alone then you are in a dangerous vulnerable situation)
4) Everyone's doing it (so what? Ya and look how everyone is suffering, it winds up the same way with these kind of guys).

Here's a good line from 50 Cent Poor Lil Rich:
See I'ma liar man I really dont care,
I tell the ho's whatever they wanna hear

STOP believing these guys absolute fase promises and empty words...

and John Cena and tha Trademarc song Summer Flings:
[Tha Trademarc]
We run game, {?} Blanson, what's your hon's name
I can take an Eva hot bitch like bum change
Playin hard to get when I step, I'm afraid
I can treat a chick like cheap gas and upgrade
Whatever you need, whatever you want
With Trademarc on your arm, girl what more could you flaunt
There's just something about us, summer fling got you wondering
where I'll be in spring, but that's another thing
I'll be out girl, quicker than tans
If you want somethin stick hurr, stick wit'cha man
I ain't lookin for a lover girl, I'm lookin for sex
I can tell you I got money or I'm pushin a Lex
Whatever gets you hot, that's what I say next
Gettin passed through the crew girl that's a safe bet
I think it's funny how it doesn't take a whole lot
Trademarc's like an open flame, getting girls hot


[Tha Trademarc]
Man I'm in and out quick like Jordan in the zone
D takin out a bitch like a pass from Shaq to Kobe
You know me with a extra set of hands
a bitch couldn't hold me man I leave 'em lonely


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