Celebrating HomelessNation.org

2009.08.31 - 8:56 AM
web_award_nominee3 copy.jpg

Dear Homeless Nation -

Once again you've impressed people from around the world. Your blogs, videos, your stories and testimonials have garnered international attention and accolade.

No you haven't won another award.
You've won two.

Joining your CNMA and SNCR trophies from last year are:

World Summit Award
for e-Inclusion and Participation


New Media Award
from the New Media Institute

The World Summit Award (WSA) is a United Nations based recognition that is handed out every two years. Your competition? Over 20 000 projects from 157 countries.

The equally impressive New Media Award (NMA) had you up against websites big and small from around the world and once again, HomelessNation.org stood out.

This website that you built, that you cultivate and help to grow is an outstanding achievement. Every member should feel proud. You've created something special. You belong to a community that is being used as a good example for the rest of the world.

Your voice is being heard.

So don't let up now.

You don't think the government is working towards the right solutions? Then write a blog. Let them know what you think should be done. You don't believe that the averaged "housed" person knows what it's like to be homeless? Then create a video and show them what it's like to live on the street, in a shelter, under a bridge, in a tent, on a couch.

Let people know about the community that you've built. Let people know what it's like to live in poverty; let people know about the injustices and the intolerance; the friendships; the good nights and the bad.

Let people know how to help.

The stage is yours, Homeless Nation.
What are you going to say?


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