Teeray Gives a Speech

Submitted by teeray on Fri, 2008-04-18 13:38.

This is me, Summer 2007 in Calgary, speaking at the CHAI Housing Rally

...where I was

Badly Misquoted and turned out to be (for media purposes) hours away from homelessness with my family, including my children.

The facts:

I spoke about the fact that I was in sub-standard housing but would stay there because in Calgary, housing is an issue and rents are skyrocketing. I hoped I would not have my meagre 'allowance' dwindle down to the point where an eviction notice would happen.

I mentioned that several years before (about 4 years previous), I had already been officially HOMELESS and did not want that to happen again since I was working hard at rebuilding my life.

I spoke about the fact that I am mainly labelled as 'requiring low income services' but the low income services just REFER ME TO a different low income service in a perpetual CIRCLE so that I have to constantly worry about getting NO SERVICES and worry about becoming homeless.

I Told an interviewer that I have 1 son who lives out of town with relatives and is NOT in this housing crunch with me...and that I am thankful for that.

I don't understand how the details got so mixed up...

But 'media' is not my best friend.



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